01 May 2012

109 Days to go

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109 Days to go

7pm 3 miles with Lilo. I managed to squeeze an after work run today. It’s absolutely crazy times at work, I leave pretty drained. Now after a nice shower, I am ready for dinner, and some down time. Lilo really enjoyed the run, she went swimming half way, it was hard to convince her to come back.

It is absolutely true that the best way to manage stress is to exercise. Going on vacation and having a spa day also help of course. Couple of things that I try to remind myself during stressful times:
-Get rid of negative emotions, they are exhausting. Have some gratitude.
-Put some perspective to reality. It’s just work, not a big deal.
-Remind myself why I love what I am doing.
-Don’t let stressful moments ruin the rest of my day.

Today is my greatgrandma’s birthday. She passed away last year. She would have been 97 today. Nenos, you are being missed, happy birthday.

See you guys tomorrow.
Happy May 1st. Lots of love.

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