02 May 2012

108 Days to go

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108 Days to go

6pm 5 miles run with Vodka. I had a such a lovely run this afternoon. It was absolutely packed around the seawall so I went inside the Stanley Park to hit the trails. Feeling adventurous, tried a new path which led me to a beautiful hilly trail. I will definitely go back to that one. I think it was called Thompson trail?

On our way down, Vodka was behaving really nicely so I took her leash off. Then of course she decided to be naughty. She went inside the forest and I saw her rolling around the mud. Great. Yukky wet muddy dog. Anyway, I was going to let her swim a bit so I thought it will be fine. Of course she went into the ocean like a lunatic, jumping up and down…Then once we came home, I was toweling her and something wasn’t smelling right. Maybe I stepped on some poo? Nope. Not me. So that wasn’t mud after all… Ewww. Now she is all shampooed, conditioned shiny.

Sometimes having 2 dogs can be a pain in the bum. They require so much work, attention. And they just love being dogs and being naughty. No matter how crazy they are, they are so worth it. Vodka and Lilo were away from me for 2 years when I first moved to Canada. It was so hard not to have them in the house. Now they are here with me, speaking both English and Turkish. Actually, I find myself speaking a lot of Turkish to them around the house. It’s kinda cute. Some words are just so engraved to their brain. Like “aciktin mi?” which means “are you hungry?”

To conclude the day; I know we can’t do everything. But that doesn’t mean we can just sit do nothing. We can’t just sit and wait for the world to move forward. Live and work to make a difference, we can make things better, even smaller things. Never think that your actions are meaningless; without courage and inspiration we can’t wish for our dreams to come true.

Thank you all for supporting me. I hope we can reach $1000 soon. That is an important milestone.

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