03 May 2012

107 Days to go

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107 Days to go

6pm 4 miles run with Lilo. It’s official, the spring is here; I saw ducklings today at Stanley Park, and really protective parents. Another thing, I actually saw a beaver at Beaver Lake inside the park for the first time too. I have been running around the lake for a while and I haven’t seen a single beaver until today. Feeling a little accomplished to be honest.

I read this interesting article on Runnersworld today. Here it is

I have been curious about cutting some food items from my diet to improve performance and after reading this I got more interested. I stopped eating red meat when I was around 16. I eat poultry, seafood and all sorts of dairy. After reading this article about him switching from being a redneck hunter to an plant based dieting ultrarunner. I like how he specified “plant based” and said that people think “vegan” is crazy. So I decided to try couple of vegan alternatives to the items that I think I can’t live without. Vegan cheese and coconut yogurt; here we go.

Another thing I wanted to mention tonite; I went to Whole Foods (so expensive over there!) and I was ordering some tea. The girl at the cashier looked exhausted. I asked her if she had a long day. And I think she was just relieved to have somebody to talk to, somebody who actually cared about her day at work. I have been saying it, I’ll say it again; everyday kindness goes a long way. We are all social animals, please don’t get carried away with your worries and day. Talk to a stranger, say thank you, or wait for an answer when you ask “how are you doing?” Seriously wait for an answer, it can make somebody’s awful day a little brighter.
Sending you guys a big hug. Take care.

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