08 May 2012

102 Days to go

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102 Days to go

I am sorry to say this but I am taking the day off today. I haven’t been sleeping much, and I have been working long hours with an extra hint of additional stress. I know going for a run would make me feel better, but I am just really tired both physically and mentally. I need today to be an off day. The girls and I are going to have some quiet quality time tonite at home.

Isn’t crazy that we just can’t find the tranquility that we seek in our daily life? There is always something that has to be done. I think we need to add relaxation or better called de-compressing time to our daily to do list. Maybe an hour everyday would do the trick. Doing something that makes us relax and feel good, only an hour a day, it shouldn’t be that hard right?
We need to learn how to dispose stress properly and not let it overtake our lives. Maybe it’s not even stress, it’s the state of “business” that needs to slow down a bit to reflect properly on life.

I hope I am not disappointing anyone by taking today off. Please keep supporting my cause, and my training. Without you, trust me, it’s pretty darn hard to carry on.
Now I am going to have a glass of wine, put on a movie, sit and relax.
Lots of love.

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