09 May 2012

101 Days to go

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101 Days to go

8pm run with Vodka.
I didn’t record my run tonite. The run wasn’t for me, it was more for Vodka. I worked from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm today, so I am not feeling to energetic. Once I got home, of course my 2 crazy labs are not aware of my long exhausting day. All they think is “play?”. So I put on my running shoes, and took Vodka out for a run around the lake.

I am absolutely exhausted this week. My mind is packed with too many things. i am sure you all know the feeling of going to bed all tired but not being able to shut down your brain. Hopefully soon enough I’ll be taking some time off. Time off to train properly, take care of my girls, spend some more time outdoors, see old friends, make new ones and travel.

Today’s big news is of course President Obama’s support for same sex marriage. Hats off to you Mr. President. Thank you for standing up to say that all love is equal. There are still states like North Carolina who continue to ban marriage and 76 nations criminalize people because of who they love.
We need equal rights for all, and that’s how we will move forward as humanity. Today was a historic step.
Love doesn’t have a color, love doesn’t discriminate.

It’s going to be all from me tonite.
If you are reading this, please consider donating to the search dog foundation. I need support during these stressful days, I need more people believing in me and believing that we can make a difference if we just care.
Sending you lots of love. Please share/donate. It will make my night. Who knows I may even sleep properly.

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