01 Apr 2012

140 Days to go

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140 Days to go.

1pm 8 miles Lynn Peak trail run.
This was probably the most challenging and amazing training run I have ever had. It kicked my turkey bum (big time) but it was so worth it. It was my first time at this trail so didn’t know what to expect in terms of terrain and elevation. I am glad I didn’t take one of the sidekicks with me, the terrain is really rough and there was so much snow half way!

I took a lot of photos since, to me, the scenery was spectacular the whole time. It started with nice soft leafy terrain, then it got really rocky. I had to hike the rocky parts. Even with my trail shoes it was super slippery and uneven. Then it became slushy. Half way point I bumped into some guy and he said it gets really snowy from that point on. Fantastic. I knew investing in some crampons will pay off eventually and good thing I had them with me! Lucky Bubbles.

From there on it was more like snowshoeing terrain, with sunny parts. I am not going to lie, it felt like the climbing is never going to end. It was up up up up. Crampons, I love them. I had no idea about where the peak was. Good thing, the trail was marked really well. There wasn’t much 3G connection there for me to check the GPS.

I have never done the Grouse Grind but the review I read this morning said that Lynn Peak is way better and challenging than the Grouse Grind. It was definitely quiet. I bumped into 4 people within 2.30hrs. Maybe you guys should give it a try sometime to compare and tell me what is your take. I think the Grind is not open yet. Lynn Peak is open year around.

Before I forget, I am so impressed with the community in Vancouver. Last night, I was out for dinner with friends and the restaurant actually turned off most of the lights for Earth Hour. Lit some candles, showed their commitment to climate change. Some friends also mentioned that the bar that they were at did the same thing. So happy to see people actually caring and taking action.

To conclude today’s training; for my legs sake, can somebody donate $60 for us to reach $500? Pretty please? When I pop couple of Tylenols tonite and tomorrow morning for my sore sore legs at least I’ll know it’s for a greater cause (not just self torture) 🙂

Thank you all, I hope you had an amazing weekend.
Lots of love.

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