04 Apr 2012

137 Days to go

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137 Days to go

6am 5 miles run with Vodka.
What a beautiful morning in Vancouver! Even though my stomach wasn’t ready to run this morning at 6am, I had a decent run. I managed to run those leftover 3 miles after work yesterday as well. Running actually helped my sore legs to feel better. So no complaining.

This schedule of running 5 days a week is definitely affecting my social life. I have to come home earlier than usual, have less to drink and all that. Yesterday seemed like a birthday boom. Apparently I have many friends sharing April 3rd as their birthday. Happy birthday again to you all.

Let’s talk about natural disasters once more. Have you guys seen the video of the tornado in Dallas yesterday? There were trucks spinning through the air and houses that had been reduced to piles of debris. According to BBC, “April is the peak of tornado season, which lasts from March to June, but meteorologists say this year has seen more twisters than normal.” I was checking SDF’s facebook page where they were saying Texas Task Force (Keri Grant & Tucker, Laurel Pitman & Sonic, Mike Hargrove & Hayden, Patti Krafft & Hula) were ready to go the moment the call came in.

I think we are doing a great job. I feel happy to know that we are helping those guys to be ready to go when disasters like this strike, they are just one phone call away to help those who are waiting to be rescued under a pile of debris. And that’s why I thank you all for joining me in this cause. I feel less helpless when the world turns upside down.

Love you all.
Enjoy the sun Vancouver.

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