07 Apr 2012

134 Days to go

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134 Days to go

16miles trail running at Baden Powell Trail starting from Deep Cove.
I was feeling adventurous today, so I took the bus to Deep Cove. I have never been to Deep Cove before and I heard so much about it that I thought I should take advantage of a sunny day to visit the area. I decided to follow this map from Vancouver Trails website.

Oh boy, I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for a 30 miles trail race. Road racing and trail racing are completely different monsters. I thought 16 miles running, meh, no problem. The issue with trail running, when you go up up up or down down down, you actually don’t cover a lot of miles, you just end up with tired legs after 5 miles. Another thing that I am not used to is to stay focused the whole time. When I am around the seawall, I switch to auto-pilot and get lost in my own thoughts. When you are out there in the trails, that doesn’t happen at all.

What I think while I am on the trails: “Rocks, damn that was slippery, I love my shoes, stairs, stairs again??, where am I?, which way?, where is the freaking trail mark?, oh that hurts, wow that’s beautiful I should take a photo, my calves are aching, which way again?, no 3G!?…” Don’t give me wrong, it’s an amazing feeling. But days like today, when I thought I can go 8 miles on this trail and return the same way, I wasn’t being realistic. I am not there yet. So what happened, is that, I crossed the suspension bridge and decided to switch to the pavement on my way back. And I got lost. My iphone ran out of battery since I used the GPS constantly. I ended up trying to cross the Ironworkers bridge as a pedestrian but I got lost again. Bad turkey.

Couple of lessons learned from today’s experience:
– Don’t rely on technology. Batteries don’t last, obviously.
– Bring an analog watch (or the fancy $200 running watch that I don’t use)
– Cary an actual map and some cash
– Bring more food! (my stomach was grumbling the whole time)
– There is no possible way to look classy trying to eat a subway sandwich in a bus
– Invest on stronger legs (the current ones are not keeping up!)

I am looking forward to a relaxing evening. I still have another 8 miles to run tomorrow (argh!). Have a fantastic Easter weekend full of sunshine, laughter and chocolate everybody.
I hope your heart will feel generous today. I’ll keep running, even if it hurts. Let’s help search & rescue dogs help us when disasters strike.

Lots of love. xo

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  1. Gunnar says:

    oh, i envy you!! i sit @home with a cold and you run my hiking trails 😉 looks like you had an awesome morning!