21 Apr 2012

119 Days to go

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119 Days to go

6am 17 miles solo long run. Then go to work. Yes you guessed it right, it aches, my legs get stiffer and stiffer with every passing hour. I stayed in the cold icebatch for 15 minutes drinking my chocolate milk before work. My legs better NOT be sore tomorrow for the 9 miler.
I was hoping to find donuts, instead there were bubbles and orange juice. Even better.

During my run this morning, I questioned myself a lot. It happens. Around mile 7, I was thinking “why am I doing this to myself?, why did I freaking wake up @5.15 to fit this long run before a work day? why can’t I run just like that girl? (who also wears an ironman finisher shirt)” Then I stop to take couple of pictures because it’s gorgeous outside, and there is nobody else at 6am on a Saturday. That makes me feel special. Then the mountains get pinkish and the ocean is just perfect.

People go to the gym and they quit but running endures. Our bodies are fashioned to run, yet lately the emphasis seems to be more on racing and commercialization of running. Running should be a source of pleasure and not work. It is a change in lifestyle, and hopefully a keeper for a lifetime. “Anyone can do running. Running should be easy. It should be fun. It should include everyone. It shouldn’t be a punishment for eating cheesecake, which is what we’ve turned it into.” says Chris McDougall on his interview with Time magazine. Read more on Time

If it feels like work, you’re running too hard. I do that. Somedays it feels like work and I just can’t let it go. We push ourselves because we’re hard-wired to want to remind ourselves that we can do it. Long distance running is addictive. Plus there’s the satisfaction of setting a seemingly impossible goal, planning, focusing, and then achieving it. It’s an escape from the everyday life. You stop worrying about the world and just become your own element.

Did you know that humans are so specialized for running that we can win in an endurance
race against almost any animal, including cheetahs. We possess our own unique specializations for endurance running.
I used to hate running, any distances. Now I crave it. If you don’t like running, just go for a run for fun, or go to a field and play. Don’t think of it as a workout. Remember, we evolved to run.
Lots of love to you all and see you tomorrow.

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