24 Apr 2012

116 Days to go

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116 Days to go

6pm 4 miles with Lilo. Today was another day where I had to make a deal with my brain early in the morning. I woke up at 5.30am, left the bed right away. Then the couch called my name, that’s when I made the deal. Run after work, go to work early. It was a stressful day at work; running in the rain inside Stanley Park with Lilo was just what I needed to decompress.

I don’t want to keep it too long today but I wanted to share a secret with you. People ask me how I am doing this. How come I have the energy to commit to all the things I am doing. The secret is this: happiness comes in part from choosing what you stand for, and then living it. It is really important for me to both taking care of others and making this world a better place. I am happier when I add positive energy to my network of friends and to the community that I am living in. It starts with simple things: Smiling and laughing.

Getting rid of the initial fear of starting something challenging is the hardest part. You want to plan it perfect but then you realize it’s just procrastination. Build some energy by doing something small every day. Trust me, I know; it sucks in the beginning. No action is small as long as you commit yourself to the change you seek. As you begin to experience results, it becomes easy. You’ll discover that the more energy you use, the more you have.

Once you become good at something you love, dream bigger. The first stage is small steps, but don’t stop there. We can change lives and we can change the world.
“Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to succeed. Dare to excel.” ~Vince Dente
See you all tomorrow.
Lots of love as always,

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