28 Apr 2012

112 Days to go

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112 Days to go

A bad run is better than no run. Some days I feel so in the zone, miles just disappear. Not today. I started my weekend a little too fast last night and I am suffering from it. Lack of sleep, increased level of stress at work, a little too much to drink… Bad combo. My legs just didn’t want to move today, leaving the house was so hard. But I knew the guilt wouldn’t leave me if I skipped, so I went out. It wasn’t pretty, fast nor long. But a run is a run.

Sometimes we leave our comfort zones and we have a choice to make: to push through it or stop and quit. I’m really glad I pushed through today, even though it wasn’t easy nor pretty. I think we all have that little voice inside of us, telling us “don’t you dare quit now”.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice long trail run. I am prepared this time. I downloaded the proper app, bought my medical kit, whistle and a bear bell. They are not selling pepper/bear sprays everywhere apparently, so I need to do some more investigating in getting one.

We got tickets to a gig tonite, I need to behave and save some energy for tomorrow’s run. But first I may take a nap and have a proper dinner.

I hope you are all having a good weekend, doing all the things you want to do.
Don’t let life get in the way, push through the obstacles. It feels better afterwards.

Lots of love to you all,

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