21 Mar 2012

151 Days to go

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151 Days to go

6.30am 6 miles tempo run.
My sidekick seem to be taking this week off, they are not leaving their beds. To be honest, it was really hard for me to leave my bed this morning too. I am out of my caffeine fix in the morning so I dragged myself out of the apartment. But, hey, most of the time, leaving the house is the more difficult than running itself.

Yesterday, I read an article about Kony campaign, there are many of them out there right now, and I am trying to read as many as I can. I particularly agree with this one. The author was talking about “slacktivism” vs “activism”. You should probably read it too, it’s on Huffingtonpost. It was talking about how the group is not perfect but it’s making progress. It’s not an outsiders documentary that is going to catch Kony. But the awareness it created will help. The article ends with: “The secret is out: people care, and want to do something about issues that matter. It’s time to stop viewing social media as an easy way out, and see it for what it is: a new tool for improving the world through emotional and social awareness, with uses still to be discovered. This desire to act cannot be dismissed as slacktivism. In fact, it is a new and powerful type of activism, all the more so because it combines the efforts of millions of people.”

I believe in the power of social media for changing the world, it helps us connect more and by exposing ourselves to others point of view, we start caring about other things that we would normally ignore. on Facebook, I read about an animal lover trying to rescue an abused dog, and she needed funds to fly her to the US from Turkey. I donated $10. Yesterday, I received an email with the photo of the rescued dog in her new place. We were 2 strangers, but we helped saving that abused dog’s life.

I hope yo believe in the power of small actions as well. They matter. They are important to those who are not as fortunate as us. Use your resources to help others, we’ll change this world one step at a time.

Happy Wednesday folks. xo

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