28 Mar 2012

144 Days to go

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144 Days to go

I am not going to count this morning’s run. I was out for half an hour but didn’t even record my run. I need to run after work with Vodka. I just believe a bad run is better than not running, that was the only reason I left the house this morning. I wasn’t feeling good last night, felt like I can eat a ginormous burger and probably finish a pitcher of margarita on my own. I managed to have something a little healthier and stopped with a glass of margarita.

We tend to keep a long list of ways to avoid bad feelings in the first place. We have a drink or two; we overeat and gossip; we go shopping for things we don’t really need; just to keep ourselves occupied to feel anything. We check our phones, email and Facebook. In fact, we know these are not happiness habits, and we wouldn’t need any of that if we just accept our negative emotions and move on.

I believe in sleeping it off. Negative emotions can be so draining and I know if I can just sleep it off, tomorrow will be a new beginning. Well my dreams didn’t really let me have a “relaxed” sleep last night but oh well, I’ll be fine. Sometimes all we need to do is to bring a larger perspective to the picture and feel some gratitude, find some inspiration in our daily life.

I know my sucky run this morning made me feel bad, but on the other hand, I know me getting up in the mornings, no matter what, makes a difference. It gives me a sense of purpose, a self satisfaction that comes from committing to support a worthy cause.

So maybe we should all think about what makes us happy, and what’s important to us. Are we allocating enough time in our day to do those things? And what gets in the way of doing these things? It takes courage to follow through, make choices and maybe sometimes sacrifice certain things and disappoint certain people. Trust me, training for an ultra marathon makes me sacrifice a lot things but I know it gives me great happiness to achieve my goals.

Lots of love, as always. xo

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