21 Mar 2011

The day AFTER

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The day after
Sleep, eat, take painkillers. Repeat.

Wow, it’s 5.30pm and I am finally awake   enough to write.
Yesterday, I thought I will be able to go work today but I woke up so stiff and so dozy, decided to take the day off to catch up on some sleep and try to recover a little. I am good standing up, or laying down or sitting down. The transitions between those 3, not so much… Even my writs hurt! I took some muscle relaxants and I slept until 2pm 🙂

This was an amazing experience. I was slower than I thought I would be, but who ever said that this is a downhill race, definitely started from the finish line to the start. It was 24 miles uphill and last 2 miles downhill with windstorm. It rained for the whole 4hr49min. I brought over the Vancouver weather to LA and added some big drops with windstorm. They even closed the airport last night due to rain and we sat down in the plane for 40 min. It was that bad. But I decided to make the best out of this, I wanted to have fun. You never have a chance to enjoy “your first” of something ever again once its gone. I wanted to remember my first marathon as a fun event not a painful one. I smiled the whole time, didn’t stop and gave up. I felt stronger than my training runs. There were a lot of people cheering despite the rain and I got a lot of “go Bubbles go!” from them. I gave high fives to everyone who were raising their hands, waived at every photographer. I got a mail from Rover Rescue this morning: Our thoughts and prayers were with all of the brave runners who faced the rain and cold and winds! It was so great to meet you on Saturday and to see you on the course on Sunday. You looked great! You looked happy and smiling even in the face of that awful rain!!”
I received my t-shirt last night, a little late for the race but it wouldn’t do any good in the rain anyway.  I am really proud about what we achieved all together. LA marathon raised around 2 million dollars for charity this year. 
We had a moment of silence before the race for all those in Japan and there were around 100 runners who were from Japan, running for the victims. And another amazing thing I saw during the race: Students run LA. There were around 100 kids ages between 12-16 running the marathon with their teachers. What an amazing thing to teach teenagers of America… Teaching them determination, discipline and solidarity. They were running together with their buddies. Staying together, not quitting. It’s a hard thing to teach a teenager… I respect all those teachers who initiated this movement. Great work.

Anybody who are “thinking” running a marathon once in their lifetime: There is never a good time for it. You shouldn’t delay it. Life happens, you need to do it against all odds. I saw all kinds of people. I passed those “gym freak” guys who were walking the last 2 miles. It’s not about the age, size nor class. I hope my story can inspire some to take the challenge themselves. Run, walk, be active for charity. The world need us to do good to survive all evil.

And back home, I got 2 little ones who apparently missed me while we were away. Or she just wants some cookies. Hard to tell sometimes.

I can thank you enough. All the messages and posts that I received made it all worth it. I am so grateful and proud to have you all with me. We raised total of $5150 for the rescue of abused, neglected and homeless dogs. We are the top fundraiser for the event. “Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”- Anne Frank

This is going to be my last entry. This was an unforgettable thing to accomplish. I love you all and always. Thank you so much for being with me and being part of my life. I am going to miss this. Now go out there, grab your life and do something.


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