18 Mar 2011

2 days to go

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2 days to go
6.30 am 3 miles run with Lilo

Today was my last run before the race. That’s it, I should be ready now. Vodka and Lilo trained me well and now I am on my own, doing the big run on Sunday.
I am flying down to LA this afternoon, I am going to try to post more often once I get there. I am looking forward to meet Rover Rescue team tomorrow.

I just saw on TV that Shelterbox boxes are being delivered in Japan. I posted on Facebook but I should mention it here as well. If you want to send supplies, if you already help the search and rescue teams or any other organization that you trust, think about Shelterbox next. It costs around $1000 for a box to get delivered to the disaster zone, but you can convince your co-workers to chip in to send a box, and you can track it online as well.

I read about the animal rescuers as well yesterday. They were saying that Japanese SPCA is allowing pets to stay in shelter for 72 hrs, then if nobody claims them they get put down… Sad truth about certain governments. In Turkey, we don’t euthanize animals, it’s illegal. They get neutered/spayed, and if nobody adopts them in 10 days, they go back to the streets. And then we have loooots of stray dogs in the city… It’s a humane solution but it doesn’t apply to certain countries like US, Japan, Canada… It makes my run to rescue the abandoned dogs so much more meaningful to me. I hope I can bring some awareness to this issue and I hope by me doing this, there would be more people supporting no kill shelters and adopt pets rather than buy.

Another note, it’s about Libya, I am happy about the desperate measure that UN is taking against Gaddafi. I hope he’ll be smart enough to stop attacking his own people and not cause a war in Africa. Because we sure don’t need another war with US and UK involvement even though it’s for an humanitarian mission.

As always, if we see only the worst, it kills our capacity to do something. I hear a lot of people talking in cliches about the world, politics… Speculating is a reaction. We need to live for a life of action, not reaction. Don’t wait for others to take the first step, if you take the first step yourself on your own, it’s exhilarating to see the ripple effect that you create…

LA I’ll see you tonight, goodbye Vancouver for now.

Lots of love to you all and Happy Friday! xo

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