05 Feb 2011

43 days to go

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43 days to go
6 am 14 miles solo long run

I took another route today, something different for a change. I went up to 33rd from the Olympic Village, went towards UBC and thought I should go into the Provencial Park. By the way, there are some amazing houses around that area… Not sure what they do for a living, I must be in the wrong industry. This is me looking at the houses and thinking what the h…

So everything was pretty nice and jungly inside the trails, I just love the sound of the nature and the smell of the trees. I was planning to get out of the park around w 16th. Not even close… Apparently I went the other way.. Ended up at Marine Dr, W 41st. I am lucky to run with my Nike+ seriously. Google maps saved my life.
But I added another 30 blocks to run to my route, which wasn’t cool at all.

So after a big detour, I was hoping to have some downhill action, but no, it felt like I ran 10 miles uphill and like 4 miles downhill. Good practice I suppose…
I saw this house around W 8th. Totally looks like a hobbit house. Really nice roof! I felt like a creepy person taking pictures of people’s houses, but I thought I should share some of these beauties.

I always look at the date of construction of roads, bridges and try to think about what I was doing at that time. And today, I saw 1946… My parents were not even born. Pretty fascinating. This is Crown st. 
Today, do all the good you can, in all possible ways, in all the places you can, to every living thing you can, as long as you can.
Love you all and always.

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  1. Reply Bonnie M says:

    I am SO amazed at how much distance you covered! And to end up on 41st! I drive west along 33rd ave almost every day, and I know what you mean about those houses. How long did it take you to run almost the entire North-South length of Vancouver?

  2. Reply Bubbles says:

    Yeah it was super confusing! I didnt plan that route at all so it took me like 3 hrs to finish my run 🙂

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