09 Feb 2011

39 days to go

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39 days to go
6 am 3 miles solo run

Sorry for the delayed entry. I am having technical difficulties this morning.
Last night was pretty amazing up at Cypress. Super clear sky, no lines, the grooming machines were working constantly and it wasn’t really pow pow but still darn good. I am so glad that I went there.

It is pretty difficult to get up and go for a run after a night of snowboarding but now since this training and the race is more than me, I am good at leaving the bed and hit the road.
The doggies were too tired from yesterday’s hike so I had my run on my own.

By the way, it is really cold outside today as well. So be prepared.

I am so happy that I am receiving support from my friends in Turkey. I know life has its own priorities over there and I don’t want anyone to feel obliged to support my cause in LA.
It warms my heart to have my friends from high school with me. You guys are awesome, and I miss you so much.
Don’t forget to do your little bit of good wherever you are.
Love you all. xo

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