28 Jul 2013

5 Days till departure

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5 Days till landing in Aruba. I picked up the medical and other supplies today. Lots of bandaging material, leashes, collars for all sizes of dogs and also for cats, toys for dogs and toys for cats… It was a challenge to pack a suitcase full of these goodies around Vodka & Lilo. Vodka kept stealing one of the toys every time I try to push down on the suitcase.
I think the suitcase is going to keep squeaking during our travels. Starting by flying to Toronto on Monday for couple of days then heading down to Aruba for our second stop.
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25 Jul 2013

8 Days till departure

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8 Days till departure.
It’s been a busy summer with lots of laughter, good conversations and new sceneries… And it is still going. I am back from visiting friends in LA and meeting the lovely people at Search Dog Foundation. It was an incredible journey, I feel so privileged to have a chance to be with the first responders, trainers and the freshly rescued soon to be search & rescue dogs.
Also I felt great having a chance to make new friends and talk about my mission & passion in life – run, inspire others, fight for animal rights and work for animal rescue.
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22 Jul 2013

11 Days till departure

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11 Days till depature.I wish I can explain my experience, my day today with enough words. We had an amazing drive getting to the national search dog foundation's training center here in California. We drove along the pacific coast then drove alongg this beautiful canyon drive. We arrived to the training center where they had 10 dogs they brought over for the day's training session with 3 handlers/trainers. Read more

19 Jul 2013

15 Days till departure

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15 Days till departure.

Landed in LA. Finally got my internet sorted, now I can stick with writing everyday. It's funny how everytime I leave Vancouver I feel like I can walk/run everywhere, I always forget how big everything is in the US, including their street blocks. Also it's hot out there. And I keep trying to remind everyone about safety of animals during hot summer days, thought I can use another reminder.

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16 Jul 2013

18 Days till departure

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18 Days till departure.
9pm city run. Today’s weather was not running appropriate. It was already hot at 8am, stuffy all day… I waited until the sun was gone, late night city run is actually quiet lovely. They have these 2 pianos set up on the seawall in Vancouver where people walking by, sit down and play some tunes for everyone. Absolutely lovely.
This running everyday challenge is kicking my ass tho. I am definitely feeling the exhaustion, I am such a winter time runner.
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15 Jul 2013

19 Days till departure

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19 Days till departure
So I missed a day of writing during travelling but still logged my runs. Today it was nice to be back in the wilderness of BC. Soaked up some sun, met some critters and conquered some hills.
You guys have been really quiet so I am not sure how many of you are actually reading and following. But someone told me to never give up & quit so I won’t. I will keep running my daily 10km, and write every day to try to inspire you to do something greater every day.
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13 Jul 2013

21 Days till departure

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21 Days till departure
9am probably less than 10km city run.
All I wanted was to hit the park before the Golden Gate Bridge… Little I know, the blocks are pretty damn long here. Looking at the map while running, I thought if I just run couple more blocks I’ll get there. Nope. After running for 45 min, up and down, up and down, I gave up and head back to the hotel. I love running in a new city. You get the city it in a different way when you run the streets, choose random streets the turn…It’s always fun.
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12 Jul 2013

22 Days till departure

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22 Days till departure

10km solo city run. Not knowing if I am going to have enough time before mischeif in San Francisco, I finished my run early in the morning in Vancouver. It was a good idea! First lesson learned in SF: Don't challenge any runners who train in this city. Freaking hills! Tomorrow morning I think I may need to crawl some of the streets. Anyway, as promised the 15 things that you'll never hear a runner say.

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11 Jul 2013

23 Days till departure

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23 Days till departure.
9pm 10km trail run with Lilo. So the good thing about trail running late at night, it’s nice and cool. The bad thing about trail running late at night is BuGS BUGS BUGS! I seriously ran like a lunatic waving my hands left and right, shaking my head all around to escape the freaking bugs. I mean the scenery was just beautiful with pinkish bluish sky and city lights peaking thru the bushes… Anyway, trying to motivate myself today to stick with my 28days 10km/day challenge, I found this: 30 things you NEVER hear runners say
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10 Jul 2013

24 Days till departure

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24 Days till departure
9pm 10km city solo run, speedwork.
Oh I was aching during my run. I had my second Level 2 Bar Method class today, and I don’t remember my muscles shaking that much ever. Even tho I rested between the class and the run, still I felt every little bit of me hurting while running. Ouchy…
Day 4 of running 10km/day for 28 days. I am sticking with it. Hopefully by the end of it, I’ll have a strong base for any winter races.
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