09 Feb 2014

Charity #47 – Hannah’s Gold

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You know what I love? I love people who rock the world with their vision and empathy for others. And Olympic snowboarder, 2006 gold medal winner and 2010 silver medal winner Hannah Teter is one of them. “My goal from the beginning was that if I ever made it big, I would reach out as much as humanly possible. That’s the goal right now, to keep reaching out and touching other people and other places and helping create positive change. I started Hannah’s Gold because I’ve always felt like there is a lot that needs to be done in the world, and who better to do it than me?” Rock on girl.

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02 Feb 2014

Charity #48 – Reporters Without Borders

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Inspiration and admiration come form all aspects of life. After seeing this poster on Huffington Post, I thought about how powerful visual imagery can be to deliver a message and how awesome it is to have people daring to publish things against all the big fish out there trying to stop them or sometimes jail/make disappear/ kill them. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers”.
And thanks to those reporters, journalists and activists around the world, we get a piece of the truth and hope that it never gets censored or manipulated by the governments. Because we all want the truth.
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26 Jan 2014

Charity #49 – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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It’s not easy to eliminate emotions from recent news and not react to things that shock us. This week, my choice of charity/organization can be influenced by the recent posts I saw online. Assuming most of you read/share/saw the photos that were facing the social media this week about the long finned pilot whales killings at the Faeroe Islands. Our oceans are already so fragile with everything we are doing to them with overfishing, global warming, urban and industrial accidents, spillage, explosions, mining, and radioactive discharges. We are already destroying what seemed like an infinite resource. I have been a scuba diver since I was 13, and oceans are precious to me.

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17 Jan 2014

Charity #50 – Save the Children

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I am working towards a year of balance, change and diversity in my life. A more balanced life in every aspect, a change in my habits and a diversified hope for a better world. Diversity is invigorating, it pushes us to open our eyes and see what’s already out there that we haven’t seen before, haven’t paid attention.
This week, I am touched by a photo I saw online.
It’s this photo. The caption may not reflect the reality, it may be fake, believe what you want. But what struck me is the hope & smile in her eyes. I don’t have kids, or have kids around me that much, but I share a strong empathy towards kids. I believe it’s our duty to protect their innocence, naivety and their vulnerability.

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10 Jan 2014

50 Charities of 2014

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50 Charities of 2014
7am 3 miles solo run
You wouldn’t believe how long I have been sitting in front my computer, staring. I feel so out of touch with writing even though I have so many things to share and to say. I have been struggling, getting frustrated and discouraged with all my attempts to come up with a plan for 2014. Funny thing is, I had couple of invigorating & inspiring experiences right before the end of 2013 and now I feel like I found my path for this year.
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22 Oct 2013


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A little something about dreaming.
6am 3 miles run with Lilo.
I am not sure how or why this happens to me every year but I do deal with a lot of vivid lucid dreaming for the last couple of weeks. I remember every detail, and most of the time my dreams are an alternate version of the real life. I see my friends, family, the places I have been, the conversations I have had…Just different, slightly more stressful. And it’s constant.
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18 Oct 2013

Let’s talk running

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Let’s talk running
6am 3 miles with Vodka.
Most people think I run all the time. I do when I am training. Like this summer, I didn’t run at all. So going back to running doesn’t happen naturally for me right now. And maybe that’s a good thing to tell others because starting to run is not fun or easy. It is invigorating for sure but then you need to be careful. Too fast, too much and too soon lead to one thing only; Injuries. So join me in my baby steps of going back to running full time.
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16 Oct 2013

New beginning

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New beginning
6am 2 miles run with Lilo.
The beginning is all about discipline & commitment. But let’s not forget about the excitement. The excitement of starting something new but also so familiar. Despite the dark cold hours, I am a winter runner. The moment I hear my gentle alarm going off, I know I have the choice: snooze & be nice and warm or dare to get up, conquer the day and enjoy the city before everybody gets up. Instant reward vs long term investment.
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28 Jul 2013

5 Days till departure

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5 Days till landing in Aruba. I picked up the medical and other supplies today. Lots of bandaging material, leashes, collars for all sizes of dogs and also for cats, toys for dogs and toys for cats… It was a challenge to pack a suitcase full of these goodies around Vodka & Lilo. Vodka kept stealing one of the toys every time I try to push down on the suitcase.
I think the suitcase is going to keep squeaking during our travels. Starting by flying to Toronto on Monday for couple of days then heading down to Aruba for our second stop.
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25 Jul 2013

8 Days till departure

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8 Days till departure.
It’s been a busy summer with lots of laughter, good conversations and new sceneries… And it is still going. I am back from visiting friends in LA and meeting the lovely people at Search Dog Foundation. It was an incredible journey, I feel so privileged to have a chance to be with the first responders, trainers and the freshly rescued soon to be search & rescue dogs.
Also I felt great having a chance to make new friends and talk about my mission & passion in life – run, inspire others, fight for animal rights and work for animal rescue.
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